Why Solar

Salient Features

  • Renewable source of energy
  • Good economic investment
  • Durable and long lasts
  • Reduces the cost of conventional energy
  • Eligible for accelerated depreciation and capital subsidy
  • Eco-friendly & Green energy
  • Reduces the usage of oil, coal and gas
  • Zero percent pollution

Where the colour of light is GREEN

It is time to accelerate the development of advanced clean energy technologies in order to address the global challenges of energy security, climate change and sustainable development. Solar photovoltaic is a key technology option to realize the shift to a decarbonized energy supply and is projected to emerge as an attractive alternative source in the future. Just 1kw solar power installation cuts down about 850 kgs of CO2 emission per year.

Scope of Solar power in India

Located in equatorial Sun Belt of earth, India having sunny weather for about 300 days a year and receives an annual radiation of 1600 to 2200 kwh/sq.m equal to 6000 million gwh of energy potential per year. As India depends on imports for major energy sources like coal and oil, it is a social responsibility for everyone to utilize the immense potential of solar energy to develop our own energy sources and achieve energy security.


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