Our industry expertise, innovative cutting-edge technology, efficient solar cells, sturdy module frame and international quality standards - all contribute for our product reliability and excellent efficiency. The range of a single solar module is available from 40wp to 305wp with high degree of quality at affordable price.

Products Offered

  • Micro grid roof top solar power project with net metering concept
  • Solar powered water pumping system
  • Solar-LED Street lighting system
  • Grid tied solar power projects

Our Products Smartness

  • High module efficiency, up to 15.74%
  • Tested for 5400pa load capacity, can withstand heavy snowfall
  • Corrosion resistant Anodised Aluminium frame
  • Low iron tempered glass with high transparency improves module efficiency
  • Special modules with anti-reflection glass
  • Customized modules like black passivated modules, glass roof modules, BIPV modules for exterior wall cladding
  • Well engineered and aesthetic module mounting frames made of anodized aluminum for longer life
  • Solar tracking system to follow sun path, to improve power generation
  • Intelligent space management by high module efficiency and CAD designed layout (10w/Sq.ft)
  • Energy cost is sealed for next 25 years, no matter what happens to fossil fuel cost
  • Certifications

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