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Aspiring to produce sustainable source of renewable green energy and to create a promising energy adequate tomorrow, Smartsun is actively engaged into this business with quality as the top-notch priority. Smartsun Solar is a part of five decade old Smart Machinery group Taiwan. Smart Machinery group are the leading Manufactures of textile machineries and are having a huge customer base in India.read more


Green Energy

It is time to accelerate the development of advanced clean energy technologies in order to address the global challenges of energy security, climate change and sustainable more...

  • Renewable source of energy
  • Good economic investment
  • Durable and long lasts
  • Eco-friendly & Green energy
  • Reduces the usage of oil, coal & gas more...
Smartsun Products

Our industry expertise, innovative cutting-edge technology, efficient solar cells, sturdy module frame and international quality standards - all contribute for our product reliability and more...


Located in equatorial Sun Belt of earth, India having sunny weather for about 300 days a year and receives an annual radiation of 1600 to 2200 kwh/sq.m equal to 6000 million gwh of energy more...